Reihenhausgarten gestalten – Ideen und Tipps für einen rechteckigen Garten – Neueste Dekoration

reihenhausgarten-gestalten-schmaler-garten-ideen High Chinese aid (Miscanthus) limits the terrace to the garden. The view into the garden is blocked by the overgrown Grass. A more varied, colored plant composition would enliven the previously uninviting seating area. Favorite place in the sea… Continue Reading

100 Ideen zur Gartengestaltung – Modernes Design für den Außenbereich – Neueste Dekoration

ideen-gartengestaltung-modern-klein-außenbereich-gartenweg-diagonal-holz-sitzbereich Between the spacious terrace and the lawn there is a wide, not yet planted strip of beds, which is waiting to be made colorful. Strong colours in the terrace bed The owners of this garden want more momentum on… Continue Reading