steep terraced garden stair idea

steep terraced garden stair idea

The view from the covered terrace of the new building still falls on a large fallow area. With our two design proposals, the residents get a romantic view or a terrace in a cheerful summer Look.

The slightly inclined garden is still bare and desolate. In addition to flowers, there is a lack of a demarcation to the neighboring properties – especially opposite the terrace. Since the garden is created from scratch, no consideration needs to be given to existing planting.

Romantic View
A 1.20 Meter high blood beech hedge frames the almost 130 square meter garden area. Although its height does not prevent looking in and out, the hedge creates a space to feel good.

On one pillar the White Clematis viticella ’Alba Luxurians’ climbs up and on the other the pink, filled climbing rose ’Rose de Tolbiac’. Tip: when selecting climbing plants, make sure that the growth height matches the dimensions of the climbing frame. Varieties of Clematis viticella are considered particularly resistant to clematis wilt. The columns on the terrace are also decorated by a Rose and a Clematis. The alpine forest vine (Clematis alpina) already produces purple flowers here in spring. The climbing rose ’Ghislaine de Féligonde ‘ opens its buds from June.

In the terrace bed at their feet, the Coral peony ‘Coral Charm’ sets the tone at the same time. In July, the new white stork’s beak ’Derrick Cook’, the light purple high catnip ’Six Hills Giant’ and white willowherb take over this task. The flowering of the garden is finished only in October. Until then, the blue beard flower ’Kew Blue’ serves bees and bumblebees as a flower buffet.

The flowering perennials of the terrace bed are repeated in the other plantings and in the pots around the seat. This gives the garden Cohesion. Just like the”” lawn path””, which meanders along the seat and the curved plantings. Due to the curved course of the lawn, the property appears enchanted.

Terrace in a cheerful summer Look
Even if the garden is small: using only the terrace as a seat would be a pity. Therefore, two more corners were planned for this proposal, where the deck chair and bench invite you to look at the design from a different perspective.

Paths made of concrete slabs lead to both places, which continue the laying pattern of the terrace exactly. On the right front there is a deck chair on a square gravel surface, in the background there is a star magnolia protecting behind a yellow bench. On the balcony supports, white Clematis rise on narrow wire grids. Directly adjacent to the terrace is a gravel area with stone towers and spring stone. Already in March the Magnolia opens its white star flowers, in April the yellow forsythia follow. Starting in may, weigela, gloss medlar and Clematis with white flowers to lay.

The season in the perennial beds begins in June, but when supplemented with daffodils, it blooms there from spring to autumn. Sage, a fine spray Aster, and Coreopsis play starting in June with White and yellow tones and are supported as of July of Echinacea, Holy herb, and mountain riding grass. As a splash of colour, small purple balls of ornamental garlic float over the beds in summer.

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