Gestaltungsideen für einen kleinen Reihenhausgarten

Gartengestaltung Reihenhausgarten

One of the best materials for building your own terrace garden is pressed wood. It is easy to process, fits well into plants and is often less expensive than other design elements. This stuff is especially suitable for such a garden because of its longevity. There are many types of treated wood on the market – from railway sleepers to wood for landscaping that will last for years.

Other possible building materials if you want to terrace your garden include bricks, rocks, concrete blocks and similar brickwork. Some materials such as fieldstone or bricks are even produced specifically for walls and terraces. This means that you can work with it much easier if you have no experience with this type of gardening. One disadvantage, however, is that most of the products mentioned are more expensive than wood.

The safest and most popular way to build a terrace is the build – up and removal method. This technique leaves most of the soil untouched and protects it from Erosion should a sudden storm occur during work. This method also does not require much in terms of inflow or purchase of additional soil.

First, contact your local authorities to find out if there are utility lines near your garden or below the earth layers on the slope. Inform yourself about local building regulations, if any are available. If the walls of your patio garden are very large, their construction must be checked by an expert to ensure that they withstand the water pressure in the ground. The terraces should also have proper Drainage. In addition, these must be well connected to the rest of the slope.

Due to the expertise and equipment required for correct execution, you should terrace the garden by limiting it to a maximum height of 30 to 60 cm, depending on the limit values in the local regulations. Even if you do not want to hire a landscaper for the work, it is not a bad idea to consult with a professional. This can offer you several ways to approach your unique slope and help you choose the right solution.

First determine the ascent and the course of your climb. The climb is the vertical distance from the bottom of the slope to the top. The barrel is the horizontal distance between top and bottom. If you know this number, you can determine how many terraces you can ideally build in the room. For example, if the run is 6 meters and the climb is 2 meters, and you want each bed to be 1.5 meters wide, you need 4 beds, so the climb of each of them will be 60 cm.

You need to water the soil, but not necessarily make it matchy. If it is slightly damp, you will not dust once you start digging and moving soil. Building a terrace garden can be a labor-intensive project that you should only tackle if you are in excellent physical condition and have already gained some carpentry and landscaping experience.

If you are not sure of a project of this degree, you prefer to hire a professional who is experienced in such work. In a self-construction project, it is important to first determine the rise and run of the slope. The barrel is the horizontal measure between the mound and its bottom. The climb is the vertical distance from the lower to the upper limit of the embankment. Use gradient meters to measure the height and width of each bed, depending on the number of beds you want to have.

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