Gartenstufen mit Bahnschwellen

Gartenstufen mit Bahnschwellen , #bahnschwellen #gartenstufen

High Chinese aid (Miscanthus) limits the terrace to the garden. The view into the garden is blocked by the overgrown Grass. A more varied, colored plant composition would enliven the previously uninviting seating area.

Favorite place in the sea of Flowers
On the terrace it is much nicer when the view can already wander over colored flowers at breakfast. With the curved discounts on the terrace, the transition to the garden also looks more harmonious.

In the two beds, which are separated from each other by a narrow split path, perennials, summer flowers and the beetroot rose ‘Schloss Mannheim’grow. Airy Tuffs form yellow lady’s mantle, blue Stork’s beak and pink catnip. In between grow taller perennials such as flame flower and scented nettle, whose flowers glow in summer. Colorful zinnias at the edge of the bed and at the base of the column as well as the filigree White continuous flowering snow flurries (Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’) complete the splendor.

The red-flowered Clematis on Willow obelisks as well as the willow border of the Beetrondell also fits to the rural bed design. In fiery red the climbing rose ‘flame dance’ Trumps on the wall of the House. To the right, the Deutzien hedge forms a curly screen, which blooms pink in June.

Dream beds in pink-white
The transition from the terrace to the garden looks tidy and generous, because low Beech hedges surround the four newly created beds. Plants with pink and white flowers convey romantic Flair.

A part of the house wall is conquered by the pink climbing rose ‘New Dawn’. In the front beds the high stem rose ‘Rosarium Uetersen’ sets the tone, in the two side-arranged beds white flowering garden hydrangeas adorn the middle. The other beds share the Heron’s feather grass, the Beetrose ‘Bonica ‘ as well as white-flowered Stork beak and Scabiosis with pink-flowered Fat Hen and Violet Funkie.

In light winds, the flower stalks of the feather grass gently sway back and forth. Tirelessly until Frost, the bright pink flowers of ‘Bonica open’. A large parasol shades the seating area on the terrace on sunny days. Two tall trunk box balls in square planting boxes complement the planted beds. A man-high hornbeam hedge provides wind and visibility protection on the right.

An overgrown terrace corner does not invite you to linger. With these two design proposals for replanting, it becomes a presentable seat at the House.

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